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HOUSTON – Saturday, May 19th, 2012 from 9am to 1pm, Fallbrook Church will be holding a job fair with over 35 employers looking for qualified candidates to apply and possibly fill their positions.

Job Seekers looking for employment will have access to a variety of employers all in one location.

The address is 12512 Walters Rd. Houston, TX 77014.

For more information register at or RSVP to or call 281-444-2733.

Fallbrook Church is under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Michael A. Pender

Tips for Job Seekers:

  • Plan to take at least 25 crisp resumes to a job fair, 40 or so if it’s a huge event. (The job fair might have copy facilities for free or a small fee, which is nice if you run out. But don’t count on it ahead of time.) The scannable format is probably best for job fairs, as it accommodates most of the ways employers file and distribute paper resumes and their electronic counterparts. If your job requires formatting skills, you might also bring some fancier resumes to offer employers a choice. Bring a pen, pencil and notepad too, and organize it all in a nice brief case or portfolio.
  • Before a job fair, prepare to interview on the spot, summary style in a few minutes or less. In other words, be prepared to quickly sell your skills, talents and experiences. It’s better to politely sidestep up-front salary discussions if you can. But have a salary figure in mind, just in case your interview advances to the salary stage. Job fairs tend to be more casual than formal interviews, so you can relax and be more friendly. But also “read the mood” of the employer’s representative with whom you’re speaking at the moment, and adjust your style accordingly. Even though it’s more casual, attire, body language, manners and other interview professionalisms still count. Dress sharp, act professional and display enthusiasm.
  • Also prepare to fill out a job application on the spot. Unless you’re otherwise directed, it’s best to turn it in right away. Taking it home first allows your better-prepared competitors to beat you to it.
  • Arrive a few minutes early at a job fair, to register if required and plan your “attack.” Pick up a booth map if available, and route your path to the employers you’ve targeted. If a job list is available, check it, just in case employers added new jobs since you last researched. If you’re going to attend seminars, networking events and such, look for the schedules while you’re at it.

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