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Last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” was a bit calm, but I guess we definitely needed an episode like that following all the drama with Nia and Jennifer previously. Ev, Tami and Nia meet and talk about Jennifer’s lawsuit against Nia. We all know that Jen is “dead” to Ev and Nia, but now Tami too? Tami agrees with Nia about being angry over Jennifer’s lawsuit and the fact that she’s doing interviews with any and everyone about the situation but in the confessional, Tami says that she and Jennifer’s relationship hasn’t changed. So Tami, is Jen dead or alive to you? I guess we’ll see how this all plays out in the end.

We finally get to see Chad pop up on this season as he and Ev prepare for their wedding. You can’t help but to laugh at Chad’s antics, and his poem to Ev when he tells her that she’s like “the last slice of pizza that nobody wants” (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet…). Ev brings up he fact that she wants her brother-in-law to walk her down the aisle, but also wants to give her brother-in-law and sister the chance to renew their vows at her wedding. Chad thinks it’s a great idea, as long as he doesn’t have to deal with any wedding planning and leaves all the stress up to Ev. Gotta love Chad and Ev!

Suzie meets up with Royce and tells her about the girls’ trip to Tahiti. Royce thinks it’s a terrible idea (we agree) even though Shaunie promised that there would be “separate living arrangements” for Jen and Ev. “It’s going to be a crap-fest” and I have to say I 100% agree.

Jennifer and Kenya have a small discussion about her failed relationship with Eric and Jennifer reveals that she and Eric recently spoke on the phone for the first time in months. She says that Eric finally took responsibility for their failed marriage, and it brought tears to her eyes to hear him say that. She says that they are taking baby steps toward having a cordial relationship, and she’s happy that even though her friendship with Nia and Ev has failed, she’s rebuilding her friendship with Eric. When Kenya asks her about what it feels like to file a lawsuit against a former friend, Jennifer responds with “all bets are off when you put your hands on me”.

Last but not least, Royce ‘s dad comes to town and wants an explanation about her relationship with Dezmon. Royce’s father thinks Royce is a “serial dater” and falls in and out of love too quickly. He’s worried about Royce getting her feelings hurt and he’s also worried about Royce and Dezmon’s age difference but most of all, he’s worried about Royce’s son and how Royce’s relationships with men will effect him. We can’t help but to think that Royce’s dad has a valid point (after all, you know what happened recently with Royce, Dezmon and his child’s mother). Her argument with her father causes a strain on her relationship with him, because she can’t accept the fact that her father won’t allow her to be “happy” with Dezmon.

“I’m not a serial dater, I’m a relationship girl,” she tells cameras. Is she trying to convince us, her father or herself because in this situation I’d have to say, “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”

Do you think that Royce is a serial dater? Let’s chat on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

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