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Imagine a place where almost everyone has a body as nice as J Mac. Yeah, baby. It might not be heaven but the 2012 Texas Shredder, held at Austin’s Delco Center over the weekend, and might have been as some of youheathens had a chance to get.  Lookingfor a place where a man could be a man and a woman could wear floss for abathing suit without being judged, I headed up there this weekend with my main man and trainer to the Houston Illuminati Scott Langham. As guest of the Texas Shredder himself, Dave Goodwin, we – along with my brother Jon who lives in theCapital City – were given a front row seat to observe some of the most perfect physicalspecimens from across the country. Houston was well represented and the dudesdid their thing. I had a couple of people trying to get me to compete, butother than that things went smoothly. There might have even been one or twoguys up on the stage in my same class. As for the ladies – gentleman they wereoff the chain. These weren’t the man-like bodybuilders from the 80s, but across between fitness models and super hot ninjas in bikinis. As you can seefrom some of the pictures we took, Houston was well represented. After theaction all that eye-candy had us pretty hungry so we headed downtown for a mealat my boy Vince Young’s steak house. The food was like that last touch he tookin the national championship game when he ran in for the scoring touchdown –you could just tell it was going to be spectacular, but then it exceededexpectations. After dinner Scott and I had to hit the road. The Freestyle Kinghas too much to do in Houston to leave it for too long, but it was a fun trip.Who knows? Next year I might have to make the trip to the Texas Shredder as acompetitor. Now, wouldn’t that be something!