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It’s official, Derwin is definitely still in love with Janay. Okay, maybe not totally in love with her but he definitely has a problem with her moving on and finding a new man. He confronts her about her wedding plans and tells her that she can’t go through with it, however, doesn’t give her an explanation.”Call your lawyers….I’m going through with the wedding.  Don’t I deserve to be happy?” Janay comes back with.

After her confrontation with Derwin, she then goes and confronts Melanie and apologizes to her for trusting her back stabbing ways.”I had a moment of vulnerability and I trusted you.  But I’m sorry you’re a bourgeoisie a– fake Dr. wannabee trick.  Just like Tasha tweeted.” Janay tells her before storming off.

Melanie plans to try and make up for her mistake of telling Derwin about Janay’s engagement after she promised Janay she would keep it a secret. She arranges a meeting between Janay’s fiancee and Derwin, in hopes that the two can hash out their problems-whatever it is that they may be. Noah and Derwin’s meeting starts off a little rocky, with Noah accusing Derwin of still being in love with Janay. Noah stands up to Derwin and tells him that he’s not asking for permission to marry Janay. Eventually, the boys smooth things over, and actually develop a bit of a friendship.

Meanwhile, Melanie is still desperate and looking for friends, and invites herself on a shopping trip with Janay. When Janay is a no-show, Melanie realizes that she has no friends, and that Janay definitely isn’t one of them. They get into a small confrontation which ends with Melanie storming off after Janay tells her “As long as I have Derwin’s baby and you can’t, I’ll always have one up on you…”

When Melanie returns home, she cries to Derwin that she has no friends, and Derwin, being the loving hubby that he is, decides to take her to Vegas to cheer her up.

What did you think about this weeks episode? Was Melanie wrong for telling Derwin about Janay’s engagement?

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