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Our good friends over at recently posted a shocking story that a close friend is dishing the dirt on Beyonce and Jay-Z alleging that they in fact had a surrogate to carry their child, along with other reports that Beyonce is bisexual and Rihanna and Jay-Z really had an affair.

These huge allegations will leave you questioning what’s really going on in the Carter house???

Here are some of the rumors:

Rita Ora, Bey and Jay Have Threesomes – The new UK artist Rita Ora who is also signed to RocNation is linked to having threesomes with Bey and Jay. But Beyonce and Rita have a ‘really’ close relationship too. According to the source, Beyonce is romantically involved with Rita Ora even without Jay-Z, which has caused strains in their marriage. Then the source adds that Beyonce is insecure about having pretty girls (like Rihanna) around Jay but why is she so cool with Rita Ora all of a sudden?

Beyonce Was NOT Pregnant– According to the source/friend, Beyonce had a surrogate which means her eggs and Jay Z’s sperm were used but she didn’t carry the baby because she wanted to make another album since ’4′ didn’t necessarily do the numbers that her albums normally hit. The surrogate is supposedly an unknown latina female.

Jay-Z Has More Of A Bond With Blue Ivy Than Beyonce – The source says that Beyonce is not a good mother, has several nannies “doing all of the work” so she can focus on her music career. The source also adds that Jay-Z is very attached to his daughter and is obsessed with her looks because he is very insecure about his. The report also claims Beyonce smokes weed occasional, and his a “heavy drinker”.

If you’re just itching to know more, they also bring up the mysterious murder of Cathy White who had been linked to Jay-Z and the “real” truth about Rihanna and Jay-Z’s relationship.

We are NOT confirming any of this to be true and until it’s proven, it will remain a rumor to us.

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