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Hi my name is Kwame Hall. One day In 2011 I interviewed the NFL’s leading rusher and now two time Pro Bowler from the Houston Texans RB Arian Foster. Immidiately after our discussion Foster gave me his gloves that he uses in the game (Namaste).

Speaking of football, I went to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl and got a helicopter tour of Waikiki (the island Nicki Minaj raps about. And I quote “Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” ).

I went to R. Kelly’s concert one night in Houston, then the next day I beat him in basketball at a private location. So I asked Kobe… How do I improve on my Celebrity Host Jet Setting Lifestyle? He told me to “Do it again, only this time… ATTACK FASTER AND STRONGER”! Thank You #KobeSystem

Here are some more people the #KobeSystem has helped. You may know them:

NIKE: Everyone is on the #KobeSystem

NIKE: Serena Williams on the #KobeSystem

NIKE: Kanye West on the #KobeSystem

NIKE: Jerry Rice on the #KobeSystem

NIKE: Aziz Ansari on the #KobeSystem

NIKE: Landon Donovan on the #KobeSystem

Follow Me And The #KobeSystem On Twitter @DaBoiGenius (dramatic pause) Your Welcome.

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