Jan 10th, we’ll all be tuned in for season 5 of the record breaking series, “The Game.” Created as a spin-off of the once popular and long running sitcom “Girlfriends,” the return of The Game has everyone ready for another season of twists, turns, and drama-packed episodes. Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for season 5 of The Game.

1. The Game is a Break From “Reality” TV

Between the dozens of reality television shows from WeTv’s “Bad Girls Club” to A&E’s highly watched “Hoarders,” the return of “The Game” gives us some relief from it all. Reality TV has taken over so many channels we’ve probably all forgotten about something called the scripted TV show. Remember those? Where actors and actresses memorized lines and  actually acted out scenes as a profession? Well, The Game certainly will bring it back to our remembrance.

2. “The Game” and its Plenty of Guest Stars

This season is filled with many guest stars with some playing characters while others will play themselves. One guest appearance we’re excited for is of veteran actress Loretta Divine. Divine will be featured on The Game as Tasha Macks’ mother and grandmother to Malik Wright. Who better to play this part! Singer and actress, Brandy, will also be apart of the cast listed as the “wife” of former Saber, Jason Pitts. Brandy’s character is named “Chardonnay” and is Jason’s “wife”? This has drama all over it. We’ll just have to tune in to see! Other guests include Estelle, Nene Leakes, and Star Jones. We can probably assume Nene and Star Jones will not be appearing in the same episode. Or will they?

3. “The Game” Fills The Void of African Americans Actors and Actresses on TV

It’s no secret that minorities often find it difficult to see themselves in mainstream film and television. Currently on the “big 3″ networks ABC, NBC, and CBS, there are no casts with substantial African American casts or an abundance of Black character leads. The Game provides a balanced mixture of familiar faces and newcomers of talented African American actors and actresses. Hopefully with the continued success and record breaking, other networks besides BET will follow suit and begin to give more diverse shows a chance.

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