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Drake introduced us to stripper Maliah Michel in the “Find Your Love” video and we haven’t forgotten her since! The buxom vixen and Drake dated but his and her relationship didn’t last very long.

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Now that she and Jamaican rapper Sean Kingston are an “item” she is speaking out about her failed stint with Drake. She spilled all, on a call with ‘The Autumn Joi Live Show.’

On what she did to Drake to make him say he doesn’t date dancers anymore

I don’t know actually; Drake and I had a really great relationship sharing a really close bond. I don’t know if people really realized that. I’m really picky about the guys that I date because in the industry the guys are so cocky, whether it be a ball player or a rapper, they just don’t know how to respect you or come at you in a certain way. With Drake, he was always a gentleman, he was really sweet and he cared for me. He was great.

On what happened between her and Drake

Honestly, from what I heard it was ….it’s always this way with dancing and that’s why it’s so hard for dancers to take relationships seriously because everything is fine when it just fun but once the guy starts to really care about you, oh, it’s his friends. “You don’t understand her career” but it’s like ‘I don’t know, do you think you should be going this far?” People get in their ear; it never fails. It can be a regular Joe on the street or an entertainer.

As dancers we always get slack once the guy starts to care about you and want to take things a step further.

What’s going on with you and Sean Kingston?

Sean is really a cool guy! Actually the first time we ever hung out was for the AMA’s. He called me and asked me to be his date and I was like, “Wow, okay, cool.” I was really shocked and ever since then we’ve just been cool. He’s great. It really bothers me that all the blogs are like “Is he hitting that?” and it’s like “Gosh, can we get to know each other?” Seriously, are people really just jumping up and screwing without nothing? I really feel like I need to know the person that I’m dealing with and that takes time.

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