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Busta Rhymes‘ popular verse on “Look At Me Now” has proven to be his comeback track…and it wasn’t even his. Busta Rhymes, 39, struck a deal with Cash Money records which he calls “a golden moment for Hip Hop.”

“This whole experience that’s getting ready to happen is probably going to be one of the most defining moments in hip-hop and probably in entertainment overall,” said Busta. “This alliance with the Conglomerate and YMCMB and me and Bird and Wayne, the whole family, is something that’s been a long time coming because we just always had a respect level and a genuine friendship for a very long time.”

“It’s something that’s been brewing for a long time and now people gon’ really get to see it come to fruition in a whole ‘nother kind of way,” he added. “This is a golden moment personally and I think it’s a golden moment for hip-hop.”


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