Check out the new single by Master P aka Monstahh called “Meagan Good” ft. Romeo and Bengie B, and Valentino.

Now you’re probably thinking “Did Master P change his name?”, but actually, Monstahh is a character he plays in a new movie called Get Money, starring himself and Gucci Mane! Check out the single “Meagan Good” and let us know whether you would “Swag It” or “Bag It” by voting below!

Here’s a brief excerpt about their movie Get Money:

Percy Miller and Radric Davis head the cast of Get Money a dramatic and comedic film that examines a street hustler and philosopher experiencing a mid-life crisis. Miller aka Master P plays Monster a southern street hustler who has a way with words and women.

There’s no success without struggle. He’s 33 with kids and a good woman at his side that wants him to change his life. Monster has been chasing his music dreams for a while but he feels like his opportunities are slim to none. Therefore, he continues to live the street life.

Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane plays Big G, Monster’s long time friend and partner in crime. Even though they get money together on the streets, Big Gbelieves that they have real talent and street credibility that could get them out of the hood and into the Hip Hop music business.

Movie and soundtrack coming August 2011. SOURCE

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