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“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” It’s a powerful quote whether you attribute it to Sun Tzu, Machiavelli – the philosopher or the warrior-poet formerly known as Tupac before his death – or the Godfather himself Michael Corleone. And one that begins to mean more and more to me each day as I see the reaction from some of my ‘so called’ friends as I continue my ascension to the only place I was ever meant to be – the top. There is a lot of hatin’ going on in today’s society. It seems some people out there are jealous of the rapport I share with my people in the Macplanet. The love they give me, and that which I give back to them. Or as Pac put it so effortlessly in “Heartz of Men”: You got some n***** on your side That say they’re your friends But in real life they your enemies And then you got some m****-f***** that say they your enemies But in real life they eyes is on your money See the enemies will say they true But in real life those n***** will be the snitches Its a dirty game y’all!!! Truer words may never have been spoken. So watch your back. And remember that sometimes the only way to get rid of those roaches pretending to be your friends, when all they do is wish you harm, is to let that light from within you shine. Don’t let them crush your dream whether it’s to be a teacher or a rapper. If you let the haters extinguish that light they win. But if you strive on in spite of the doubters and naysayers that light will grow and eventually its brilliance will send those roaches scurrying for the darkness faster than they do in your kitchen when you wake up in the middle of the night to hit the fridge for a snack (Like nobody here ever had roaches – please…….lol). As for you haters I know you’re watching me. Keep on looking. You may learn something. Mac