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Sade and her band gave an amazing performance.  The songs were played and performed so perfectly, you would’ve thought you were listening to her album at home, minus the capacity crowd screaming.

Her every step mesmerized every single person in the building.  Just a hand gesture or a sassy slow paced walk to the side of the stage had the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs.  Her sweet  serenade lasted under two hours and left the crowd begging for more.

Sade seems to able to accomplish this all without dropping it like it’s hot, showing off her body or with lazer beams shooting across the stage.  By the way if she did, I wouldn’t be mad!   In fact, she had the crowd eating out the palm of her hand…and I would!  Sorry, I would.

At the age of 52, it seems as if she is aging like a VERY FINE WINE. Here is a video of my favorite song, I continue to imagine she made and sung just for me.  Click here to see what that video and song is. Check out photos from the concert below.

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