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Singer, actor and now author, Tyrese Gibson, caught up with the editors of JET magazine recently where he discussed topics like his upcoming roles in Fast Five (a part of the Fast and the Furious series) and another Transformers movie which are both scheduled to hit theaters this summer. Tyrese also spoke about his new album which is set to his stores this year and even his first book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”, which is set to hit bookstores this April. Looks like Tyrese has been pretty busy lately!

The 32-year old also had time to do a full length interview and although all of the Q&A session did not make the magazine, we’ve got the scoop on the interview outtakes below.

When asked why he tweets about God so much: “It’s overwhelming. I’ve actually had people to say, ‘Man this dude talk about God so much, I’m-a unfollow.’ He don’t supposed to follow me. If you don’t want me talking about God, this is my Twitter page, it’s my timeline, I can shout out the man, I can shout out my source as much as I want to. Period. And at the end of the day, I feel like so many people are inspired and motivated by my story and my career and whatever else, I’m giving people an understanding that I didn’t make it this far in my life on talent alone. I’m a thinking man. I’m a God-fearing man. I recognize that God has blessed me and ordered my footsteps, but I’m also saying to everybody, “I’m doing the work.” Like, ain’t nobody given me nothing. Period. And so, I look at Twitter as me saying Thank you to all of my fans.”

When asked why he doesn’t edit himself on Twitter: “It’s not something that I purposely do. It’s not coming from a space of rebellion. I just really want people to know some of the things I know. I’ve had people say, ‘I was a big fan of yours, but me loving you just went to a whole other level because of the things that you write and the things that you speak.’ And so, unfortunately this is a town and Hollywood in particular, where people can fall in love with who you appear to be, the surface, right? But then when they get off camera, there’s somebody completely the opposite.”

When asked how he stays hungry: “I live my life by these words: ‘You can’t get points today for yesterday’s game.’ You won MVP last week, OK, get over it. It’s like, there’s another level to this thing and people like Will Smith and Denzel and Rev Run and … and like I got a few billion-dollar friends and multi-billion friends … these people have really messed up from showing me this life and lifestyle because I know that there’s a-whole-nother level of playing field out there that I can get to. Now, people get complacent – and I know if you leave this in there, it’s just gonna shake people up – people stop being inspired when they have more than all of their friends. If you do that, then you lose your motivation, because you the highest dude on your playing field.

Gotta love that Tyrese.. and his tweets..

Read the rest over at JET.

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