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After a heated debate  with co-workers I have a question. Do we recognize and realize that this  young man is still a child? We all have done things in our life as young people we are not proud of. We have all made that one indiscretion that could possibly color the remainder of our lives if we were not provided some guidance. In our current society where entertainment is headline news each day we have definitely surpassed a point where bad decisions will be broadcast in under thirty minutes.

In the case of Chris Brown the  jury of public opinion has tried, and convicted him.  He said he was “a kid who’s never been in trouble before” who wants to “move past this” and get out the message that domestic violence is not acceptable. We are posed with a hard question. Will we forgive him for his actions? News story after news story points out the exact details of the assault Rhianna. We know each bruise she acquired. We know what happened in the car according from both their accounts. This action made him a social pariah and a professional leper.

Will we always hold it over his head that he did this heinous act?  The public out cry to ban his music and bar him from performances rankled an out cry that was not heard in awhile.  He was banned from the BET awards according to the rumor mill.  Clearly, no one recalled his true talent and associated his job with his personal behavior. Yes, domestic abuse is wrong. Yes, the fact that he hit a woman is in fact as low as any man can go. Yet, he said he was sorry.  He stabbed himself  with the proverbial sword and said “I get it.” I sat down last night and watched as commentator after commentator bashed him for his GMA incident,  in which only 10 second snippets were shown.

The real reason that this story is so prevalent is that we live in a different media world. Chris is not the only public figure accused of assaulting a woman. He represents a “Young America Gone Wild” in the minds of many people.  Lindsay Lohan parades in and out of  court on a regular basis.  The news headlines shows a young woman misguided. Bobbi Kristina’s  ex boyfriends  sends out pictures of her drug use. Every site in America see it.   This is more an problem  of these young people not being handled or mentored in the right way. Many people were very angry with my article “Open Letter To A Basketball Wife”. This is a perfect example of why I am angry.  This young man was shaped by what he saw all around him. The false testosterone  party  that is made up of “Hip Hop” of the last few years. He has been making money from his career hand over fist since he was 16 years old. This young man needs guidance. He is gifted. He made a horrible indiscretion. The emotional taxation of the last 2 years is starting to wear and tear on him. The question about him and Rhianna never should have been asked. Period.   There is a distinction  between women who are brazenly tastelessly immoral  and live without boundaries and a young man who is learning boundaries.

You may say that there is no comparison. I say that a young man has realized his wrong and wants to reform. I say that I see a young man who needs love not condemnation. His actions clearly show someone who needs the stern and loving arm of an elder to set him right.    Kevin Powell has stepped in to write him an open letter that you can read here.

Some people have dragged Chris outside the town and have started picking up stones and started tossing them at him. Clearly, yesterday’s indiscretions were ones that were likely a boiling pot.  We are supposed to be a people that forgive indiscretions when committed. Are we going to just keep throwing stones at him as they did in old times?

I want to hear what you think.

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