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“I’m sick wit but not like that! The b*#% probably just mad she not my”

Rapper Cassidy is clearing the air about reports that the contracted and gave a female fan the HIV virus.

Reports flooded the net after a girl sent out an email saying that she had unprotected sex with him and contracted the deadly disease.

Taking to his @ CASSIDY_LARSINY Twitter page, the Philadelphia rapper flat-out denied the accusations, calling his accuser a “lil girl” and a liar.

According to Cassidy, he only has sex with good looking women and when he does, he uses a condom.

“ Stopactinstupid! I don’t even know that lil girl.. I just took a pic being nice.. I only f#$% pretty girls 10’s, and I still don’t go raw.”

Furthermore he says he says the girl was upset that she wasn’t his type and that the rumors are the work of the devil trying to distract him while he goes to buy a Bentley.

“I’m sick wit but not like that! The b*#% probably just mad she not my I’m perfectly healthy, so it can’t be true.

It’s just the devil try make me mad because I’m about to buy this bently today, I’m on my way to the bank.. B*%# stop hating..Twitpic later.”

Well….guess he told you.

Cassidy did buy a Bentley today as planned, a 2010 Bentley Continental coupe.