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“The industry is full of a bunch of d**k s**king, d**k riding, bending over the desk ass n**gas.  Straight up like that.  Whoever don’t like it, bring it.”

The music industry has been deemed a business that had been able to make or break an artist and is very manipulative in convincing particular people in what is necessary to achieve success.

Rapper DMX, as of late, has been placed in the media for all the wrong reasons as his image continues to be broken down as time progresses.

For those that don’t recall, Dark Man X was successful since he came out of the gate with It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, back in 1998, and the releases that followed only further validated his value to Hip-Hop.  What other rapper from back in the 90’s has had their first FIVE albums to debut at number one of the Billboard 200?

Keeping track of X, however, many will come to realize the fact that he never fell on the back of the industry to help lead his way in obtaining his achievements in Hip-Hop.

“I’m not an industry artist, I’m an artist in the industry, so I do what the f**k I want cause no one can finish me.”

Is that the case now?

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Now look and see how far the rapper has fallen from grace as nobody seems to remember X as the un-caged rapper that laid waste to opponents, but more of a man trying to hold on to his own sanity and slowly slipping out of reality.

What could be the driving force behind his downward spiral?  Could it just be easy to blame it on his alleged issues with drugs?

With all of this talk about the Illuminati and what happens to those that embrace the powers that be, what happens to those that choose to go the other way and rid themselves of the alleged evils that have engulfed the industry?