Soooo… I checked out “Brooklyn’s Finest” last night which I knew had a bunch of big names & the same director that did “Training Day”. Of course I would have high expectations! You’d be a fool not to with this line-up. The question is, does the film live up to the names? Yes & No.

Yes the acting is great (with the exception of one of the drug dealers whose acting was laughable) and yes the film quality is top-notch… but no I did not like how slow the film was to develop and no I did not like the ending. Should you spend your money on it? Yes.

The film does a good job in exposing the harsh reality of crooked cops in the NYPD and the battle between good and evil, right and wrong. The moral dilemmas faced in the film are very relatable especially Ethan Hawke’s character who is faced with having to take care of his family but does not make enough money. Therefore, he contemplates stealing drug money. The film shows us that every decision made has consequences, some good, some bad and some extreme.

I could have done without the Richard Gere sex scenes though… felt like I was watching my dad with a prostitute! (not a good feeling!) lol! Overall though, it was a good film executed well with good direction that you should definately see!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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