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Couple 12

My husband and I dated for 3 years and recently married this past year 08/08/09.  Our story is simple, we started off as friends going out and hanging out all the time.  We genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  People often say we act more like brother and sister than anything and my husband’s reply is that she is my best friend.

2009 was a very hard year for my husband and I.  January 1, 2009 I lost my great grandmother of whom I was very close to.  It was very hard for me because the last time I seen her was Christmas and when we talked I made her promise that she would be strong enough to make our wedding and she told me she wouldn’t miss it for the world.  While I was worried about my great grandmother not living long enough to make our wedding it never crossed my mind that we would lose any other family members.  Everybody that knows my husband knows that his father is everything to him.  His father was his life.  A very good man and I always praised Daddy Mitchell and how he raised his boys to be hard working men and showed them how to take care of their family and home.  Daddy Mitchell was to be the best man in our wedding.  Early June we received some terrible news that Daddy had cancer and what hurt the most was that he knew and didn’t tell anyone.  When we found out it was too late the cancer had already spread throughout his body.  June 9-15 was the hardest week of our life.

During that time I sat down and spoke with my husband to be and explained to him that I know we are dealing with a lot right now and I love you the wedding can wait that is not what is important.  I know we will get married eventually but we need to deal with your father and focus on him getting better to come home.  I even explain that I would take FMLA to stay home and take care of Daddy.  Cedric stated he didn’t want to postpone the wedding but he was happy that I would take a leave to care for his father.  That day we went back up to the hospital and it was like Daddy could read our minds because even as sick as he was,  barely could talk, and sometimes not able to recognized people at times told us while we were standing in the room “that I love ya’ll, and you all better get married” “boy I told you from day one that is the woman for you she is going to make you happy and take care of you”  “I might not be there but I’m going to be there and don’t you all stop for nothing.”  I had never seen my father-n-law cry and I have seen my husband shed a tear before but I never seen him break down like this.   I cried and hugged daddy so tight and told him don’t worry about us daddy you get better so you can come home.  That was the last time he was able to talk.  It touched me so much that his last thought was our happiness.  Two days later June 15 he passed away.  It has been hard and a struggle since the lost of Daddy Mitchell.

We honored his wishes and went along with the wedding as planned.  It was a beautiful ceremony with a dedication to our love ones who share our wedding celebration in the sanctity of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  The last 5 months have been wonderful and my husband told me that he needed a celebration to help him through this tuff time and the lost of his father and that he knows Daddy is smiling down on us and that’s what keeps him going.  My husband has always been good to me but now it feel like he has devoted his life to making me happy because everyday no matter what happens I smile knowing that I have someone I love unconditionally and that loves me unconditionally and that we have God and angels above blessing our union.

Lornetta Mitchell

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