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Which one? Wanna find out? Well here’s a couple of hints…

  • This person has blonde hair
  • This person weare nothin but tracks suits on the show
  • This person hates the Glee Club
  • This person is in charge of the Cheerios

Have you figured it out yet? That’s right… Jane Lynch aka “Sue Sylvester”!!!!

Rumor has it… Glee cast member Jane Lynch is engaged to longtime girlfriend Lara Embry

But contrary to rumors, the “Sue Sylvester” playing actress has made no confirmation.

“Jane is currently in a relationship and there is no related news to that relationship.”

– Jane Lynch manager, Access Hollywood

The 2nd season of Glee returns to Fox in April (YES! I can’t wait)

Here’s a few scenes that make Sue Sylvester… Sue Sylvester (she’s such a great character)


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