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WOTS… last night’s telethon to aid the victims of Haiti raised over $50 million… and still counting!!!

There is HOPE in this world… (some people may think there isn’t)

Maybe we should re-phrase that:

There is hope “FOR” this world! (agree?)

For a time, it seemed that most of us thought that this world didn’t care anymore… everyone was all self absorbed… Especially celebrities who were given a platform to make a difference, but didn’t. Instead, they chose to waste their lives w/ being at the latest parties & headlining the latest tabloid!

It looked like nothing good was happening & we were losing all these people to untimely deaths

(Not to mention… these days, it’s like all people are ever interested in is the trash that the so called network that used to play music videos keeps pumpin out)

THEN… all of a sudden tragedy strikes & the world comes together.

Celebs like Wyclef Jean & George Clooney spear head a movement & we as a human race remember how important it is to help. Not only because it is needed, but because it is what God, Allah, Buddha or whatever higher force you believe in asks you to do!

There is hope “FOR” this world… and if you don’t think so, you may wanna look around

I hope that you are as moved as I am w/ the world’s response to those who have needed our help… from the earthquake in Haiti, the typhoons that hit the Philippines, and to our neighbors who have been hit with bad weather right here in the United States (we have not forgotten)

There IS hope for this world!

Jay Z / Rihanna / Bono / the Edge @ Hope For Haiti “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)

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