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Make sure you pick up the latest issue of Complex Magazine… you might wanna read about what 50 has to say about the big homie Jay Z!

I know this is old news… BUT in response to Jigga’s remarks that “no one is afraid of 50 Cent”… The G-Unit general has responded:

“”[Jay-Z’s] presentation is really simple and you can’t have both… You can’t be gangster Jay from Marcy and be the good guy Jay-Z on Oprah. You just can’t. They don’t let you in. That’s Mr. Knowles. He just got that pass. There ain’t any tickets to an inauguration ball with n*ggas. If you’re from the hood, you have that element or that aura around you. There’s no tickets for you. It’s ‘safe’ people there. This is why those things are happening. This is why he has to convince the person that he’s talking to he’s not afraid of anyone.”

– 50 Cent, Complex Magazine

Hate it or love it… the guy does have a point.  Usually people don’t have to talk about what type of person they are… “THEY JUST ARE”

(all the talking normally represents “the lack of”)… sorry Jigga

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