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Melody Thornton, formerly of Pussycat Doll fame, sat down with VIBE recently to talk about her infamous feud with lead singer (and spotlight stealer) Nicole Scherzinger, as well as going solo and dating celebrities.

Here’s what the 26-year-old African-American/Mexican singer had to say to VIBE:


Were you told before joining PCD that there would only be one lead singer?

I got into the group to sing. That was made very clear to me. But it became more and more apparent what was going on. Roles were being minimized and minimized, and then by the time it got on the show, it was very much like ‘Yall play your part and this is what it is.’ It was tough because you don’t want to s*** on your own opportunity.

Did you ask your label why you couldn’t sing lead as well?

After awhile you have to stop asking those questions and accept it for what it is. Life is more about acceptance than it is about trying to pick something apart when you’re wearing yourself out. If Melody had an opportunity to sing, then she would’ve sang. Bottom line. But that wasn’t available to me and that’s fine. It’s okay! It’s important for people to see the advocate for the underdog actually prevail because that’s inspiring.

A lot of people believe you and Nicole have a rift.

Right. Well, remember when Whitney and Mariah did that song together? It’s like, clearly they did a song together, so it’s not all that damn bad. As long as we respect each other, it’s okay. She does what she does, and I do what I do, and that’s that. You’re either a forgiving person and you can move on or you can hold on to those things. I’m not one of those people. I’m not gonna be a victim to what happened. It’s over. Bye. Keep it pushing.

Would you ever be in a girl group again if you got to play lead singer?

If I could avoid groups altogether, that would be fantastic. Because a lot of times, somebody’s in a bad mood and I can’t help but take that personally because it’s like, “What the f*** was that?” Just the whole group setting is a nightmare.

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Would you ever date a celebrity that had a bald-headed ex-girlfriend?

[Laughs] I adore him. I do. I think he’s in the industry for the right reasons. I think he’s adorable, and I admire him for being in the industry for the right reasons. He’s always made music that you can relate to.

[There were rumors that] you and Bow Wow used to date.

He was just a homie. He still is. I love him. He’s great. No homie with benefits. People don’t know that he’s smart and adorable when he wants to be. Very talented actor, very talented musician—more than one reason to love him. I was like, ‘Cool. I have a buddy, one that’s not in the same group as me!’

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In the meantime should we expect to see you on “Dancing With The Stars” anytime soon? (Nicole Scherzinger won the competition last season)

No. I don’t need to be dancing with no stars. It’s not necessary for me.

And you’re not with Interscope, right?

Yeah, I’m not at Interscope. I haven’t taken what’s been offered because I feel I deserve better. I believe in putting your best foot forward and swinging for the fence, and I’m going to have the kind of enthusiastic CEO behind me who’s like, ‘Yeah! That’s what it is!’ And I’m not afraid to wait for that. I am funding and recording on my own. And I love Interscope, by the way. They’re one of the best. [Jimmy Iovine] knows what he’s doing. If he loves you, you got it. It’s like why would I marry someone just because they have money? I also need to be loved. I need to be cherished.

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