like Pop and Rock, Hip-Hop is no stranger to the infamous one hit wonder.

Whether you had the club jumping, had a hit melody that everyone was humming, or just had a really dope song you couldn’t follow up with, many artists are always in jeopardy of becoming a Hip-Hop one hit wonder.

Peep’s list of the top 10 Hip-Hop One Hit Wonders within the last decade.

J-Kwon may be the definition of a one hit wonder. From being a man to having your song played at every club, to people not even knowing that you’ve gone missing, no one in Hip-Hop has ever fallen off as fast as they came like J-Kwon. With an album released early this year no one really knew about, J-Kwon will notoriously be known for his hit single and his bad teeth the signature dance that went with it.

Houston – I like that

You wouldn’t expect a song from an unknown singer, Chingy, and I-20 to be one of the biggest song’s of 2004, but when Houston dropped his one hit single “I Like That,” everyone was singing the catchy hook.  However, before Houston could even put out a second single, drugs and fame got the best of him resulting in a horrific eye bulging (and I literally mean eye bulging) night that left Houston with one eye and no follow up.

Mims – This Is Why I’m Hot

You can argue Mimsisn’t a one hit wonder with his second single “Like This” getting some kind of acknowledgment.  However, it came no where close to the broken English hit single track “This is Why I’m Hot.” Maybe it was the beat that had radio’s and clubs bumping the Midwest rapper’s hit single, or maybe it was the simplicity of the song, one this is certain, Mims was Hot…for a couple of months.

Baby Boy Da Prince – The Way I Live

When you think of New Orleans rappers, we obviously think of Lil Wayne, Jay Electronica, Mystikal, and of courseBaby Boy Da Prince. The unknown artist and unknown producer came out of nowhere in 2007 with his hit single“The Way I Live,” that had everybody singing the hook that made you stutter.  However, even hit producer Manny Fresh couldn’t help Baby Boy from the One Hit Wonder curse, as his second single flopped and we haven’t heard from him since.  Am I the only one that feels weird calling a grown ass man baby boy.

Huey – Pop, Lock, And Drop It

What’s the best way for a unfamiliar southern rapper to make it onto your mainstream radio station and your local club?  Make a song with a dance to it, just ask Soulja BoyDj Unk, and one hit wonder Huey.  The remix to go with the single “Pop, Lock and Drop It,” had all the ingredients to be a hit, a simple hook, T-Pain’s auto-tune, and a dance that everyone could do.  But, like most dance song like the Stanky Leg and Cupid Shuffle, artists have a hard time following up with their first single.  Huey has disappeared but” Pop, Lock, and Drop It” will always remain a memory as an embarrassing dance that we did.

Black Rob – Like Whoa

Once in awhile we get an artist with a single that is so dope we just know that he’s going to be around for awhile.  With the perfect beat and that Northern flow, I personally thought Black Rob was one that was going to have at least 2 hit albums.  When his single “Like Whoa” first dropped you couldn’t get away from it whether you were in the club or in your car, Like Whoa was played everywhere.  Although not much came from the hoodstar after that, but every time a DJ plays the classic track from the one hit wonder, it is sure to get the party popping.

City High- What Would You Do

Although most one hit wonders consist of club hits and dance songs, once in awhile you’ll hear a really meaningful song that became a hit for a reason.  When Philly natives City High dropped their first single “What Would You Do,” it was a refreshing change in the Hip-Hop game that brought up some real life situations and made you think about things in a different way.  After scoring another Philly artist Eve on the remix, not much has been heard from City High besides one of the members being on intervention after becoming an addictive drug and alcoholic user.  Blaming the industry for his downfall, City High may have been too real too soon.

Sporty Thieves- No Pigeons

When TLC put all the broke down men on blast, it was only right for an unknown broke down male group to respond. Sporty Thieves’ “No Pigeons,” may be something to laugh at now, but don’t get it twisted, plenty of men were singing that song as if it was their national anthem.  Sparking a whole new trend of responding to songs like the female version of the Ying Yang Twins “Naggin,” we can thank Sporty Thieves for the entertainment and sticking up for all the men who ever got a “No Scrubs” quote thrown at them.  If you feed them bread, the pigeons will flock!

Jibbs – Chain Hang Low

Nursery Rhymes are very catchy and melodic, so when you have a banging beat with a catchy nursery rhyme melody you are destined for a hit right?  Well Jibbs had the same idea, and it worked brilliant for his hit single “Chain Hang Low.” Although chances are if you were over the age of 18 when the song came out you avoided singing it out loud, every body in the tween/teen age group loved it, as it was number one on 106 & Park for weeks.  With his follow up“King Kong” not doing as well as his first single, Jibbs name is not mentioned too much anymore.  However, when you remake a nursery rhyme into a Hip-Hop song, chances are your setting yourself up for a one hit wonder.

Smilez & Southstar – Tell Me

While some one hit wonders seem like they could be around for awhile, there are some like Smilez & Southstar who we all know are just destined to deserve that dreadful One Hit Wonder title.  With the perfect track to appeal anyone between the ages of 12-20, “Tell Me” was another one of those tracks that stayed number 1 on 106 & Park and had middle and high school girls screaming for the duo.  Unfortunately for them, Smilez & Southstar have fallen off the planet completely leaving me with the question “Whats going on, whats going on?”


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