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National media going wild on Houston’s election

The whole darn country is taking a big interest in Houston’s election today.

Well, we are one of the country’s largest cities, so maybe they should be interested. But it’s the history-making nature of this one that seems to be driving the fascination of outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Politico.

We all know the storyline. If Annise Parker gets elected Houston would be the biggest city with a female mayor and also the biggest with an openly gay mayor. Gene Locke’s election would make us the country’s biggest city with a black mayor.

But it’s just in the last couple days that the national press seems to have realized this – and of course they’re taking a special interest in some of the snarkiness and backbiting that’s been going on during this race.

Check out today’s New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or Politico (it calls us the year’s most interesting municipal race) for a sense of what’s being said.

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