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The major movie studios have been bombarding us with trailers for films coming out this summer season since last year, and although we know many of them are bound to be big-budget blunders (see: ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’), we also know that we’ll probably end up seeing them anyway. Here’s theBVX’s list of not-so-essential mindless viewing this summer.

‘The A-Team’ [June 11]

Nostalgia will get the better of ’80s babies anxious to relive their childhood with the soldiers of fortune, but based on the corny catchphrases in the trailer and former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson stepping into Mr. T’s Mohawk, we pity the fool that thinks this movie is going to be any good. Maybe there should be a plan B.

To see the rest of their bad movies that we’ll probably see CLICK HERE.

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