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Ali Siddiq

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Following the success of Ali Siddiq’s last special THE DOMINO EFFECT (over 9 million views in the first year) comes the sequel “THE DOMINO EFFECT 2: LOSS”. Ali tells the traumatic stories of his adolescence that ultimately lead to him going to prison for 6 years.

The NY Times wrote: “In his eye-opening “The Domino Effect 2: Loss,” Ali Siddiq, a revelation of a performer, adopts a different approach. Instead of self-aware jokes, he leans into stories that are easy to get lost in, especially with his jaunty, magnetic delivery. Looking back on his childhood, he describes how he became a drug dealer and lost a girlfriend, a sister and eventually his freedom. He tells the story of his arrest with vivid, suspenseful detail, but also sadness at the cascading devastation of loss. It’s the rare comedy about grief that takes the advice, “Show, don’t tell.””

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