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Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams

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If you’ve ever watched a Dave Chappelle stand up special, you know that he’s a superb storyteller. In fact, if you couple his storytelling prowess with his comedic timing and ability to turn jokes into commentary about almost anything, it’s easy to understand why he’s considered one of the greatest comedians of all time. On a recent episode of his podcast, “The Midnight Miracle” with co-hosts Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli, Chappelle shared a hilarious story detailing a “beef” with fellow comedic great Katt Williams.

Chappelle prefaced the story by saying that it was around the time that Twitter first started. He tried to sign up for the social media app but was alerted that the name he wanted to use was already in use. He thought it was odd and proceeded to check out who it was that was using his name. It turned out to be someone posing to be him, who he calls a fake Dave Chappelle. He recalls how the fake account had his pictures and everything. For a second, Dave felt like he needed to put a stop to the page. This was until he started reading the person’s tweets and thought they were hilarious. Considering the fact that he would be getting a good comedy reputation without having to pay the guy, he figured that it could work out for him. Chappelle became so intrigued with this fake account that he claims that he would get coffee every morning and check Twitter just to see what he was up to.

This continued until Chappelle says the account went rogue. He began attacking celebrities and friends of Dave. One of the celebrities that he decided to attack was none other than Katt Williams. According to Chappelle, Katt Williams was not having it. Fake Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams started going at it on Twitter. The problem for Dave was that Katt Williams was saying things to the fake Dave Chappelle that were actually hurting his feelings. Katt Williams, who was also in studio for the episode then chimes in and tells listeners that the next part of the story is where the asterisk comes in.

Williams and Chappelle finally end up cactcing up with each other in Los Angeles. The two legends go over to a corner and Chappelle informs Katt that he never had a Twitter account. Williams hilariously responds by saying “so the f-ck what?” and adding that he’s never had a Twitter account either. Both Chappelle and Williams began to laugh as Katt then emphasizes that he still doesn’t have a Twitter account. It turns out that the whole time it was a fake Dave Chappelle going at it with a fake Katt Williams. Dave ends the story by admitting that Katt’s fake was funnier. The clip ends with Katt Williams giving Dave his flowers by telling him that he’s the best storyteller. There’s no way anyone can disagree after hearing that one. Shout out to both legends for being good sports and sharing the story for the public to hear!


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