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Toure Roberts Interview

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A winning mindset means not only understanding that losses are inevitable, but mentally preparing for these moments by using failures as a lesson to make you better the next time around. See what Roberts had to say about this and other topics that can help you reach your highest self in his exclusive talk with Good Morning H-Town below.


Touré Roberts, pastor author of the new book “Balance: Positioning Yourself To Do All Things Well“ offered plenty of gems on life balance in our recent talk, and part of the work includes having the right attitude toward bumps in the road on the way to success and so much more.


Imagine learning to tap into the awareness, sensitivity, and highest thought patterns that enable the most successful outcomes in life, love, and business. What would your life look like if you were able to break the patterns of inconsistency that keep you from your absolute best? Could it be possible to identify and regularly access the highest version of yourself, leaving behind past hit-or-miss cycles and instead starting to win in every key area of your life?