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Source: Lil Nas X / Columbia Records

Lil Nas X teases a new visual for his upcoming single “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow, where he literally takes himself to court with a number of fictitious characters set in the courtroom.

The short teaser opens with a Supreme Court case addressing the controversial Nike satanic sneakers he advertised in his last rollout for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

Ultimately, the trolling rapper pokes fun at the controversy, playing fictional characters in the courtroom from judge to juror.

The rapper performed a 2-minute sketch acting out the fictional “Nike v. Lil Nas X — Satan Shoes Trial.” The actual court case was settled back in April between Nike and the brand MSCHF, which sold the viral “Satan shoes.”

Lil Nas X satirizes the pretend court trial, switching from the topic of his satanic Nikes to his widely talked about sexuality.

In the sketch, his prosecutor character asked him while on stand, “Let me rephrase the question: Do your momma know you gay?”  Lil Nas X answers, “yes,”  and a juror, who is also played by Lil Nas X, quickly responds with: “Lock him up, throw away the key.”

The 22-year-old rapper is known for his trending Internet antics. The most exciting part of Lil Nas X’s outlandish social media stunts is that he simply does not care about people’s opinions of him or his art, which is why he is unafraid to go to such great lengths. He addresses the public’s opinion of him before fans have an opportunity to react, and that’s what keeps Lil Nas X trending and at the top of each headline.

Lil Nas X has created a buzz around the song in less than 24 hours with a short snippet he teased on social media yesterday (July 19) alongside the 2-minute sketch. The clip sounds like a triumphant fanfare produced by Kanye West and Take A Day Trip, and fans are anxiously awaiting the release this Friday, July 23.

Watch the prelude for Industry Baby on Lil Nas X’s YouTube below.

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