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JAY-Z Boasts About His Playlist Making Skills During Twitter Spaces Session

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

We can now add playlist-making to the list of things JAY-Z is exceptionally good at.

Monday (Jun.28), something extremely rare happened. JAY-Z took some time out of his day to hop on Twitter. Jigga joined his new buddy and now the owner of his majority stake in TIDAL Jack Dorsey to discuss the evolution of the streaming service over the years during a very impromptu 30-minute conference on Twitter’s recently launched Clubhouse killer Twitter Spaces.

During the conference, guests were shocked to learn that Hov enjoys making playlists and even feels that his playlists are second to none.

Per HipHopDX:

“I think in the beginning, everything was like super manual,” the Brooklyn rapper stated. “I was making playlists, people were making playlists. We were creating content in-house as we worked on the algorithm. We built and built, and it got really good. And if you play a song now, you can pretty much just let TIDAL fly, and I promise you you’re gonna find new music, new amazing music that you’ve never heard before.”

He’s not lying when it comes to TIDAL’s random playing of fire new tracks.

The “Song Cry” crafter put the challenge out there for anyone who feels their playlists are fire adding, “I’ve found so many songs, my playlist game is A++. I challenge anyone out there. I see a lot of people on this call, I’m not gonna call out individual names. I’m definitely, you know, in the top-tier of playlist creators.”

During the conference, he also spoke on maintaining a “human feel” to Tidal despite the algorithm now being caught up.

“Again, in the beginning, it was a lot of content we were pushing, and we did a lot of work with the engineers, and now the algorithm has caught up to what we were doing,” he further expounded. “But we’ll always maintain a human element because that’s where it comes from.

“You can’t duplicate the heart and spirit and people that’s in the office working really hard and care what’s going on and know what’s going on in the culture minute by minute. It’s super important to us to interact and have that relationship back and forth.

TIDAL users shouldn’t be strangers to JAY-Z randomly dropping playlists on them. In fact, he always seems to be right on time when it comes to delivering his selections of tunes that directly reflect on moments in pop culture or history.

So, if you happen to be a TIDAL member still, you definitely should check out JAY-Z’s playlists to see if his claims of being the best playlist maker out.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

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