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The Feds wanted to be sure they locked up NBA YoungBoy. The rapper was arrested after reportedly getting tracked down by a K-9 after he attempted to escape capture, allegedly.

TMZ reports that Youngboy is now in FBI custody, but not before he tried to flee the scene after getting pulled over by LAPD on Monday (March 23).

According to the authorities, there was a federal warrant for the rapper’s arrests. The feds and the LAPD tried to pull over the vehicle YoungBoy was travelling in but reportedly there was a short pursuit instead. When the car did finally stop, NBA YoungBoy tried to make a run for it on foot.


Apparently, YoungBoy didn’t get very far. The feds were able to set up a perimeter, and the K-9 unit sniffed the rapper out. Fortunately for him, he didn’t get bit. It’s a safe bet that attempting to escape will be added to whatever charges YoungBoy was already facing. A firearm was also found in the vehicle he was travelling in.

NBA YoungBoy has been masterful at making just as many headlines for his legal and personal struggles as for his music. Recently he had a child with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter and late last year he got pinched on drug charges. A couple of years ago, he took a plea deal to domestic violence charges after getting into an altercation with his then-girlfriend in a hotel. In said case, he managed to skate off with just probation and anger management charges.

Considering YoungBoy Never Broke Again had the audacity to try to flee from the feds, don’t expect any cushy plea deals this time out.


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