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Mulatto’s puzzling wig drama continues to unfold after accusations of the rapper being a wig thief surfaced on social media over the weekend. The drama started from a hairstylist who claimed she sent a wig to the rapper two years ago and was never credited for the contribution when she saw it worn in a post on Instagram.     

“Mulatto legit stole my hair 2 years ago and I’ve just been pim watching her blow up lol now she’s blocked us what a loser had the nerve to say that 2 years ago like money’s changed in 2 years get the f*ck outta here silly b*tch,” the stylist wrote on Twitter. The post was attached with several screenshots, one being of a conversation the two had in 2018. 

Once Black Twitter caught wind of the accusations, it immediately went viral, giving way to a weekend-long roasting session that was long overdue— catch up on that here.  

Mulatto, born Alyssa Michelle Stephens, took time to clear her name with a couple of clap-backs on Twitter.

“2yrs later I’m getting 10k a post &STILL woulda tagged/reimbursed u if u approached me different boo,” she responded in a quote tweet to the stylist. “My last hairstylist stole all my wigs when we parted ways &Im still resolving issues today bcus of it..waiting 2yrs for me to ‘blowup’ sounds opportunistic its giving clout chaser.”

She continued on another tweet, “What y’all fail to realize is I have no problem buying a whole different wig on my own and tagging that girl as if it was hers but u not gone talk to me crazy without knowing the facts first & still expect to get what u wanted.. 2YRS LATER.”

Well, that response instantly signaled other stylists to step forward with their own stories of their alleged wig thieveries.


On cue, the “B*tch From Da Souf” rapper addressed those accusations, too.

“I got a mf tryna sue me now for a car accident 3 years ago too lmaoooo like everything & everybody be so opportunistic I swear to God I be wishing I was normal sometimes,” she said.

“Steal a wig for me daddy,” she heckled. “Snatching wigs. Literally.”

What do you guys think of this bundle burglar accusations? Let us know in the comment section!

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