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Source: BFB Da Packman / Oshotyoufilmz

Four years ago, Bfb Da Packman made the excursion from Flint, Michigan to Houston — from one land where survival is a necessity to another one. It’s somewhat in line with a current crop of Michigan to Houston maneuvers as Sada Baby, one of Detroit’s animated and beloved characters, recently became part of the TSF family.

It makes all the sense in the world for Packman to be in Houston right now and at this very moment. A little over a month ago, he and Sada released the video for “Free Joe Exotic” — a five-minute joyride into supreme sh*t talk and enough outrageous one-liners that it’s hard to keep up. Packman compares himself to Patrick from Spongebob, and makes the entire thing less of a putdown about various subjects and more in line with self-deprecating humor along the lines of Richard Pryor. It’s absurd and one of 2020’s best rap songs.

His rap style is uniquely Michigan, fast-paced but controlled. It shows out even more with “Made Me Mad,” his latest single with Dice Soho. There, the fat jokes once more commence but there’s more gravity given towards his family. Nobody is off-limits, not even his two kids from getting joked on. Of course his kids’ mother didn’t appreciate the line, “My kids kinda ugly, had to ask her if they’re really mine,” but that’s the persona of Packman — a jokester you can’t help but enjoy kicking it with.

Soho’s just as cocky as ever on the track, saying that since coronavirus is here he’s robbing folks for tissue, having Elon Musk for a neighbor and rolling in the hills with Brock Lesnar. Living in Soho’s world is like asking yourself to stay on auto pilot, enjoy the scenery around you and ask as few questions as possible. It’s better that way.

Watch the video for “Made Me Mad” below.