J. Prince didn't become a hip-hop OG in Houston and beyond just because of ghost stories. Getting YBN Almighty Jay's chain back is another chapter in the legend of the Rap-A-Lot CEO

Remember what J. Prince told Kiotti, “Don’t let Instagram become your OG.” True enough, after video surfaced of some New York thugs hospitalizing and robbing YBN Almighty Jay, the Rap-A-Lot CEO put out a calm warning to anybody who was involved in the attack on Jay. Not even a week after the message, J. Prince was good on […]

When J. Prince speaks, many in the industry and the streets are sure to listen. The Rap-A-Lot founder and certified OG make a goon call to nab the thieves who jumped and robbed YBN Almighty Jay in New York, tagging notable artists connected to the city. From J. Prince’s Instagram: Mob Ties Call To My […]

Plot twist! Rumor has it that Blac Chyna and her younger boo YBN Almighty Jay are expecting! According to The Sun, the couple have gotten closer to the point where they may be boo’d up for a while now that there’s a baby on the way. The 18-year-old Houston rapper has already bonded a bit […]

  Sub par porno reviews hasn’t stopped Blac Chyna from finding love out here! Apparently “age ain’t nothing but a number”. The 29 year old model & former stripper has allegedly hooked up with an 18 year old rapper. (YBN Almighty Jay) Now this could all be hype, but I’m watching to see if this […]