Monica Extends An Olive Branch To Brandy It seems like Monica is extending an olive branch to Brandy after Brandy took a few subliminal shots at her on social media late last year. Mo posted a throwback photo of her and Brandy remembering the history they made with their single The Boy Is Mine. […] The founder of, Lee “Q” O’Denat, passed away in his sleep Monday at 43, according to TMZ. O’Denat launched Worldstar in 2005 back when social media culture was still in its infancy and the landscape of digital urban media was barren. Q built the site into one of the most visited web properties […]

Really people… We’ve got to do better. When I first saw these challenges, I kinda thought it was a bad idea. But hey, pour some ice water on you for charity, I’m not mad at that. But when I started seeing these “fire challenge” videos, I was done. There has to be to some kind […] has partnered with the same network that brought us “The Boondocks” to create new, original programming. According to sources, the popular urban video site…

Shamichael Manuel and her mother speak out about the brutal fight that went viral this past week.  Shamichael says that she may have been set up by former friend, and was not expecting a fight to break out during her argument with Sharkeisha. Watch the interview with Shamichael and her mother below: Shamichael’s mom called […]

The Source magazine’s annual Power 30 issue dates back 16 years, and like each before, this year’s edition was the topic of conversation throughout the blogosphere. Expect that to continue with today’s announcement of the top five picks on their digital list. Source

The mecca of all black foolishness has been shut down. It is rumored that the popular video site was shut down by the FEDs(cue dramatic…


Rapper 50 Cent sent a tweet out to his 3,888,543 million followers and took credit for shutting down popular urban website, The site went down without warning earlier today (January 24th). Just moments ago, 50 Cent took to Twitter and took credit for the site’s disruption, squashing rumors that the site was seized by […]

In 50 Cents latest bullying attempt, the rapper/mogul claims he shut down the urban video site We reported earlier that the popular site had been shut down by the Feds but now 50 Cent is taking responsibility for doing so. In a series of tweets Curtis Jackson says: “I put Worldstar to bed, you […]