Love makes you do CRAZY things to the extent that it can result in life loss. Via An East St. Louis woman warned her Facebook friends that she might be killed just days before she was found stabbed to death in her apartment on Saturday night. “If anything happens to me tonight just let […]

This young lady is dope.  If you judge this book by it’s cover, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Aesthetically, she appears to be the quiet friend of a friend that catches every eye in the room, but when she spits, she entrances her audience. Her words fly in like a superhero at world’s end. That […]

I’ve known Ajali for some time, although I feel like we’ve just met. I’ve only seen her “Clark Kent” persona and foolishly thought she was who she appeared to be at work. Upon hearing her spit for the first time, I realized that Ajali the poet was her true persona. Ajali is a poet, more […]

Kayenne Nebula has one of the most powerful voices in poetry. Period. I recently had the pleasure of hearing her speak live, and as she began her recitation,  I watched her commandeer every set of eyes and ears within the power of her voice, which, apparently, was every set of eyes and ears in the […]


BOBBY V “WORDS” MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE It’s here! We told you we had you covered on the official Friday exclusive this week featuring brand new music from R&B singer/songwriter Bobby V. Check out the brand new music video officially launching the singer’s 2010 return just in time for the holidays. So what do you think […]