A Harrisonburg, Virginia waitress was giving the shaft during her shift recently. Sadie Elledge works at Jess’ Lunch and during Monday’s lunch time rush, the 18-year old waitress, who was already uneasy with one particular couple got hit with the ultimate diss. After serving the couple the meal and ringing them up for two gyros […]

Well, it looks like Dr. Dre is sharing his fortune with the people. Dr. Dre was having a couple of drinks at the Skybar in West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel on June 12, and he ordered some shots of tequila. What makes this story awesome? That would be the tip that Dre left the waitress as security […]

Music mogul Diddy can’t stop, won’t stop acquiring millions. However, while he is quick to start a new business venture to get money, he is…

Hooters has been notorious for being at odds with their employees and the latest accusation against the restaurant is nothing short of ridiculous. Farryn Johnson alleges that she was fired because of she chose to dye blonde highlights into her hair. Following company policy is one thing but the ex-server said her hairstyle was only […]