Vine may be dead, but its co-founders have created a new feature-packed app called Hype. The new program is touted as a live-streaming video service that is a bit more interactive than most.  Viewers are able to interact via polls, votes, and questions. Streamers are able to highlight any comments and can change how the […]

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A look back at the greatest Vines we will never forget.

If you haven’t heard already Twitter is saying goodbye video service Vine after 4 years. The internet immediately electronically grieved after news was announced that Twitter was shutting down the popular video sharing site. To say goodbye to the now dead service Twitter gave it a proper sendoff. They reached into the Vine vault and […]

Vine will no longer be apart of our Twitter lives…but are we concered? Probably not. Today, Twitter has announced that it is closing its video sharing doors with the four year old Vine service. As the company did not give a reason why they were slashing the service, on Thursday they announced it was cutting […]

Chris Tucker said you never touch a black man’s stereo; the same goes for a black woman’s hair (or hair piece for this matter). The power of social media has gone to another level. Every now and then it’s hard to decipher between what’s real and what’s fake. Typically, I hate anything that has to […]

The game was also special for James because it was in the arena in which he played his first-ever NBA game.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and every questionable moment.

If you haven’t heard the phrase “on fleek” used in a sentence or seen it flying freely around social media, then clearly you’ve not been…

Meet Will Gittens: from “Port Of Spain” Trinidad and Tobago. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and has been singing for about 5 years. This dude has covered some very popular songs that the people of social media are falling in love with. Take a look at how much talent this boy has below and then follow him @WillGittens. Tell […]

In all honesty, Riff Raff is probably the biggest rap artist in Houston right now. Especially from a social media stand point. Whenever I saw Diddy post Riff Raff’s latest single on Instagram, I knew he had a real record. Say what you want, Riff Raff has been true to his Houston roots. Even if […]

I was the first DJ in Texas supporting K Camp. True story. An Atlanta DJ friend shot me his music 8 months before any even heard “Money Baby”. So to see my homey make it to where he is now, is a great feeling. Check out the visual to “Cut Her Off” ft 2 Chainz. […]

One of the first things Lil Boosie did when he was released from prison, was snap his first selfie with 97.9 The Box’s own J-Mac and Kiotti. It seems as though Boosie’s getting a little more social media savvy; he just joined Tumblr and Vine!!! Are you following Mr. Badazz?