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Serena Williams is sickening at this point. There's no stopping this powerhouse.

Blake says that Officer James Frascatore should no longer be a part of the NYPD due to his incompetence and violent behavior.

Instagram and Twitter have no chill! The hashtag #BlameDrake has been trending ever since Serena Williams’ upsetting loss at the U.S. Open. Check out the latest memes floating around Instagram:  

The United States Tennis Association has fined Serena Williams a booger flick of funds compared to the $1.4 millionlump sum she won at The U.S. Open Final. READ MORE

Michelle Obama was on hand for her Let’s Move campaign’s tennis clinic at the U.S. Open where she got the chance to serve a few balls with Serena Williams. READ MORE

When I was younger I swear my dad was molding me and my sister to be the next Williams sisters.   Unfortunately for him, my sister and I were prone to every injury possible to mankind. From tendinitis, to injured rotary cuffs, and tennis elbow, we always had a handicap. Serena makes me want to […]