The holidays are usually one of the busiest times of the year to find yourself in an airport. From long lines at TSA to waiting forever to get your luggage from a carousel, there’s usually something in your way before you wind up getting to your destination. Luckily, there are a few simple life hacks […]

Muhammad Ali Jr. was reportedly stopped and questioned at Reagan National Airport on Friday.

CNN’s fierce political talking head said that the incident was “traumatic,” and that “the TSA grabs p__s like Donald Trump.”

After T.I and Tiny‘s daughter, Zonnique Pullins, was arrested last week for carrying a semi-automatic handgun through a TSA checkpoint, many wondered how her famous parents felt about the situation. According to reports, Tip and Tiny fully support their daughter having a firearm. Sources revealed that Tiny actually went with Zonnique to buy the .38 caliber pistol after the […]

The Baltimore Washington TSA agents confiscated a passengers pair of gun themed stilettos and two bullet themed bracelet that she had in her carry-on bag. Why? A TSA spokeswoman, Lisa Farbstein tweeted yesterday with the picture of the shoes saying: TSAmedia_LisaF  ✔‎@TSAmedia_LisaF Shoes and bracelets that are less than ideal to wear or bring to […]

Members of the TSA have to undergo training to take a more critical look at their own practices to determine whether they’re guilty of discrimination.…


(HOUSTON) — A loaded gun was seized at a security checkpoint at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport on Monday. Transportation Security Administration officers at IAH said…

Woman Claims Unfair TSA Search Over Big Hair Isis Brantley is a Dallas hairstylist with a signature style of hair that is subject to an extra search when getting on a plane. Brantley told news programs that she’s used to TSA screenings and pat-downs, but at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport she claims she was […]

    Some passengers at Hobby Airport will go through four new body scanners starting Wednesday as workers test the devices, although the full change-over from older metal detectors won’t come until next week.  The Transportation Security Administration installed the machines over the weekend. Fifteen scanners already are in place at Bush Intercontinental Airport and […]

A woman in Oklahoma is taking her protest of the new TSA screenings to another level. According to a news cast on Oklahoma City’s KFOR, an unidentified woman became so frustrated with the screening process that she showed up to the Will Rogers airport with just her bra and panties. Film maker John Maringouin was passing […]

The Transportation Security Administration is hoping an iPhone application will help ease holiday travel congestion. “My TSA” lets users fill in the blanks to find out if they can bring various objects through the airport security checkpoints. The app also lists wait times for security lines in airports across the United States. It also provides […]