In a recent interview with Sway Calloway Bun B named his top five favorite emcees in the game at the moment.  Kendrick Lamar was one of Bun’s picks to see who else he picked click the link below! Click Here


JJ’s Top 5 Reasons You Need To Be At The Car Show! #5.     There are _______ performers on ONE STAGE which makes this concert one of the biggest shows in HOUSTON!!!!! #4.    J Cole is cute and he is going to be there. #3.    I Said So. #2   There really […]

Joseline Hernandez has offered a $500 reward to the person who stole her passport. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta stand-out tweeted that the suspect was…

Well, here we are. Tonight at 6PM is the NBA Draft. The Houston Rockets have picks 12, 16, & 18. It’s no secret that they are trying to make a move for Orlando Magic C Dwight Howard. At this point the picks they have may not be high enough to pull off a trade. But […]

The “Bad Girls Club” reunion show aired last night and all eight castmates came back – those that made it to the end, and those that got kicked out the house. Of course, words, as well as punches, were thrown. What would this show be without a fight?