Mary J. Blige is dusting off her acting chops and returning to the small screen in a huge way.

It never fails: every time I rock my snapback that I got from Wicked: The Musical, it sparks a convo with someone. It reads: “Defying Gravity.” It’s opened up dialogue with people who I never even expected to know what Wicked was. The incredible DJ Hi-C’s eyes got big when he saw my gear and […]

WIcked is my all time fav musical; mainly because of the story/theme. It asks the question of whether people are born wicked or does society make them out to be wicked because of their skin color? Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are the women who gave birth to the iconic characters: Galinda & Elphaba. Watch […]

Wicked is my favorite musical of all time. The theme correlates to what’s happening in today’s world. The show asks the question of whether the wicked witch (of Oz) is truly evil… or if people make her out to be that way because of the color of her skin. The production lands in Houston July […]

In critiquing "The Wiz" and comparing the actors from previous productions, Raven Symoné missed yet another opportunity to applaud people of color in leading roles on prime time TV.


After much speculation about whether NBC could pull off classic movie The Wiz as a live production, based on the rave reviews following the theatrical adaptation that aired Thursday night, the cast and crew delivered.

White people have taken to twitter to express their anger that "The Wiz" has all black actors as if something has changed about the casting since it debuted on Broadway in 1975.

Tonight NBC has decided to dig up an oldie but goodie movie and do a re-imagining of the 1975 Broadway musical The Wiz, which is a urban reinterpretation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with an all Black cast. The Wiz Liv! will deliver an all-star cast of amazing talent.  Queen Latifah […]