Ladies, it’s that special time of year again! No, not Valentine’s Day, but close enough. Ryan Gosling turns 35 today, and he’s hotter than ever. Yes, we all know how unbelievably gorgeous The Notebook star is, but he’s seriously aging like a fine wine. Ryan’s been heating up the big screen since he was an adorable Disney […]

Who says you can’t build a successful show that’s just based off of talent and positivity? I look forward to Monday nights on MTV because I get to watch how greatness is created. “Todrick” is an entertainer who does it all; he writes songs, dances, sings and is creative as all get out. There’s no […]

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According to Entertainment Weekly, we may no longer have to settle for marathons of The Notebook just to satisfy cravings for crazy arguments and passionate kisses in the rain. The ultimate love story of Noah and Allie may be getting transferred to the small screen. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling starred as the two lovers in the […]