Beanie Sigel believes that the beef has more to do with Meek's girl and Drake's labelmate Nicki Minaj, than it has to do with ghostwriting.


The 1992 West Coast rapper released a visual to go along with his "Pest Control" diss record yesterday – and it's not lacking in comedic relief.

It will be very interesting to see how this 3-way beef plays out.

Today marks the release of T.I.'s EP, Us or Else, which TIP says he felt compelled to write after “the repeated deaths of unarmed black citizens at the hands of police."


The battle between Meek and Game might be over already thanks to the hip-hop entrepreneur.

Everyone from the LAPD to Sean Kingston's mom are part of what went down in the Game and Meek Mill's beef.

The Philly rapper just dropped his own diss track response, so we know it's real.

Here’s the recap of the beef between Meek Mill, and the game. Here’s Meek Mill’s Diss “OOOUUU“. Here’s The Game diss track “92 Bars“.  

W ell this beef was unexpected! Meek Mill has another rapper to worry about besides Drake now, west coast MC The Game is now throwing shots at the Philly rapper. Things picked up this morning when The Breakfast Club premiered Game’s record “92 Bars” (posted above)  which featured some pretty choice words for Meek. Folks […]

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The Game was a target of a shooting just outside of "a famous Miami Beach hotel."