Houston’s own That Girl Lay Lay made history when she became the youngest female rapper ever signed to a major label when she inked a deal with Empire. On Wednesday, she made her TV debut on Ellen, wowing host Ellen Degeneres and her studio audience with her now legendary freestyle skills. “It takes practice,” Lay […]

For her second appearance on Ellen, Jhene Aiko did one better than performing “The Worst” in 2015, she brought along Rae Sremmurd for a performance of their Trip hit, “Sativa.” The Springfest headliner brought a harpist along with the SR3MMLIFE boys and decided to tone down the lyrics to her weed strain anthem, even though “Weed Moms” are kind of […]

* Update * Ellen DeGeneres has also confirmed that Kim Burrell will not be appearing on the show. https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/816356807857684480 She’s out! Kim Burrell’s homophobic got the gospel singer officially removed from performing alongside Pharrell on The Ellen Show. TMZ caught up with Janelle and asked her the million dollar question about Burrell performing and she […]

It’s becoming a well-known tradition that every year, talk show host of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres send her producer Andy Lassner to a haunted house. This time, Andy was accompanied by his assistant Jacqueline who didn’t quite help the experience as they traveled through Universal Studios‘ Horror Night Exorcist Maze. Watch the clip above, […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g540n3sLh68 You can always count on Ellen to bring the humor to something as serious as this year’s Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton who is currently cruising to victory in light of recent allegations against her opponent and making history becoming our first woman President stopped by The Ellen Show. She spoke about the latest debate, […]

Now, normally we tend to tilt our heads, and squint our eyes at Kanye West‘s speeches or social media rants, and outbursts. But this time, The Life of Pablo rapper-producer-designer gives a clear understanding on what his intentions are behind what we would call: “his random moments”, when all he is simply just trying to […]

It was all good in the hood of The Ellen Show, as Drake sat down with Ellen Degeneres to discuss his recent double SNL appearance. The VIEWS rapper/singer also talked about performing his hit single “One Dance” for the first time, while out of breath, due to literally running from one side of the stage, […]

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Miguel and Travis Scott hit up the Ellen Show to perform their hit song ‘Waves.’ Watch the wavy performance below:

With no pressure from Ellen, the politician insisted on dancing the entire time during his interview, which made things painfully awkward.