The United States no longer owns the world’s fastest supercomputer. A computer called Tianhe-1A, unveiled on Wednesday at a conference in Beijing, China, can run calculations faster than the previous speed leader, a computer at a U.S. lab in Tennessee. The new computer set a performance record by crunching 2.507 petaflops of data at once. […]

VIA:  YAHOO MOVIES.COM: Denzel Washington burst onto the big screen with an Oscar and Golden Globe-winning role in the Civil War epic “Glory” (1989). But over the following decade, the matinee-idol handsome actor became the first of his generation’s African-American movie stars to land squarely on Hollywood’s A-list – as likely to be tapped to […]

The clouds are gray, the scorched earth is gray, and the age-old nuclear ash falling from the sky is gray. If you look closely at Denzel Washington, as he saunters in slow motion through a bombed-out hotel lobby full of rotten-toothed ruffians, you can see that his hair and beard are flecked with gray as […]


"The Book Of Eli" starring Denzel Washington is set to be released January 15th, and is already creating a lot of buzz. The Hollywood Scoop reporter Wendy Wheaton had a chance to sit down with Denzel and other co-stars from the movie and see what their take on the movie is. Listen to her interview to get the real behind the scenes scoop on "The Book Of Eli".