Hot headed UFC fighter turned boxer Connor McGregor continues to say, “I AM BOXING!!!” After months of building up to a boiling point, this Mayweather vs Mcgregor looks like it may actually happen. And Connor apparently feels like he’s going to win. Know you know who my money is on, but this could be interesting. Check […]

“Honestly it’s my fault”, is what retired world champion Floyd Mayweather said at a post fight conference. “Growing up these young fighters would see my lifestyle and say, “I want to live like that”. But they don’t want to take the same road I took to get it. It was times I fought for whatever […]

Floyd Mayweather may be the living example of “better with time”. Not only one of sports all time high earners, he is an inspiration. Anybody who can make nothing out of something, and sustain it over a long period of time, deserves the levels os success they reach. Floyd said “Kiotti, you can be as […]

Tomorrow will be an epic day either way for TMT front man, Floyd Mayweather! The end of the pound for pound champions career is one day away, and he didn’t pick a push over. Andre Berto was seriously a contender a few years back. Before you ASSUME you know it a 100% victory for Floyd, […]

Last night, I think fight fans almost had a heart attack! Floyd “Money” Mayweather finally called out Manny “Pac Man” Paquiao! I missed the interview but my phone line BLEW UP!!! Two of the sports most recognizable faces have been “missing” each other for years now. To the public, Floyd is “running” from Manny. Being a […]


      Last night was a beautiful piece of artwork on a square canvas! Floyd “Money” Mayweather embraced a new moniker after the clash with Canelo Alvarez… TBE. (The Best Ever). And rightfully so.  After 3 months of trash talking & camp conversations, there could only be one undefeated boxer!!! Remember the fight was […]