Tiffany 'New York' Pollard has come a long way from fighting for Flavor Fav's affection in Flavor of Love, back in 2006.

Khloe Kardashian is anti-Trump - just like she ought to be.

Amber Rose is pulling out all the stops to make her Vh1 talk show the best show ever.

The CNN commentator and Columbia University professor is now the face of “VH1 LIVE!"

The Grammy-nominated singer is speaking out for the first time since she was let go from the show and made it clear she's already moved on.

Proud of my lil bro Kevin Gates! Anytime a man doesn’t let jail time hold him captive, and pursues success in life post prison, you applaud that. From the hood to talk show couches! Almost teared up last night. If you knew the struggle, you support the success! In case you missed Luca Brassi on […]

Hating on a man in is breaking the guy code. Period. Apparently Kanye West missed the memo! Check out this video where he admits to this transgressive behavior. And see what made him finally get a cell phone… In hind sight, if they ended up getting married, I guess it was meant to be. I […]

Reportedly, Grammy Award winning singer Brandy is teaming up with her "best friend" celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera to host a new talk show on FOX.

Actor Nate Parker is bringing change to Hollywood in so many different ways. The Birth of A Nation creator recently announced the launch of his new film and drama school at Wiley College, founded to help pave the way for students attending the school who are interested in film and drama careers. Parker said of the venture, “The […]

It’s no wonder why the Ellen Show has done so well over the years, because it’s host does lots of great things for people. Like Ellen DeGeneres says: It costs absolutely nothing to  ‘Be kind To One Another” and she definitely practices what she preaches, I always say that it’s dope to watch my dreams come true, […]

Salt will engage in no-holds-barred conversations ranging from news of the day to beauty, fashion and colorism in the Black community. Well Amber Rose has “a real booty”. At least according to Ru Paul. Now I don’t know when Ru Paul became an authority on “donks”… but it seems legit. I have got to start working on my own talk show. If booty grabbing is in the job description, I’m signing up!!! Follow Us […]