Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, and that only means one thing: time to hop in a pool or head to the beach. With bikini…

An invitation to a pool party or a day at the beach is a call to action ladies–a call to make a lasting impression with…

Swimwear will likely be one of your next purchases considering Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer and is just days away. If you’re looking for a new suit, consider one of this year’s trends. Refinery29 says leopard prints, red stripes, belted, photo prints, and neon suits are all the rage, as well as – […]

Supermodel Arlenis Sosa gave a premature look at swimsuits for summer in last year’s November issue of Elle magazine. Since the warmer months are a bit closer now than they were then, we thought it was time to share the photo shoot. Styled by Mario Grauso, Sosa wears bright and beautiful looks from Gucci, Oscar […]

While your minds might be already shore-side, your weekender bag might still be on the unprepared side. We're here to help.

When we were young, we thought that amount of material a bathing suit has is inversely proportionate to how sexy it is. Ready to be proved wrong?