At this point, Lil Kim gets more attention for her appearance than her music.

It's the top of July, which means we're just in time for our monthly Azalea Banks antic.

The Harlem rapper believes skin bleaching is as trivial as getting a weave

LisaRaye McCoy is exploring just how far the damage caused by colorism really reaches in her upcoming movie “Skinned.” The “Single Ladies” star has slipped…

The Internets went crazy this week when a photo of an African woman promoting skin lightening cream turned viral. Dencia, a Cameroonian/Nigerian singer wearing a blond wig and bikini with her skin several shades lighter than its original hue, was promoting the Whitenicious cream thus angering many in social media.

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According to Tami Roman has suddenly gotten a whole lot lighter. Now while you can immediately tell how much weight she’s lost…we mean lighter in another…


Vybz Kartel, the reggae artist who recently raised eyebrows for bleaching his skin, is now explaining the method to his madness. Earlier this morning, Kartel was interviewed  on New York’s Hot 97 morning show, and explained why he got a reverse tan. According to the rapper, who lightened his skin color from a mocha brown color […]


Whether it was admitted or denied, a lot of Hollywood is getting lighter for some reason and a lot of people have suspected bleaching. Some can argue that celebrities are influenced to do it because of the better treatment lighter complexions receive in Hollywood for television, magazines, and better endorsements. However, we can all agree that these […]